Barry Robinson – A Million Styles Boxing The Rhythm Step

August 14, 2023 WSO Courses

  • A Million Styles Boxing The Rhythm Step by Barry Robinson
    Get The Most In-Depth Breakdown Ever Filmed On This Footwork Secret Weapon
    As Highly In-Demand Striking Coach Barry Robinson Shares His Insights On The Rhythm Step

    – Learn the what, how, when, and why of the rhythm step with Coach Robinson’s advice on maximizing this important footwork tool
    – Join Barry for this Installment of his A Million Styles tutorial series, where he teaches you in-depth lessons on important boxing tactics and techniques
    – See the rhythm step in action, as Barry coaches you through the important concepts and combos you’ll need to start implementing the rhythm step into your game
    – Master this evasive and off-beat step with lessons on the locche step, ghost step, and more that can help you move better to set up your next shot
    – Coach Barry Robinson is an elite striking coach who has helped top athletes reach their true potential – and now he is giving you some of the same lessons and coaching he gave them!


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