Beast Analytics – Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4

July 7, 2023 WSO Courses

  • What You Get:

    Getting Started with Google Analytics 4

    • Welcome! Let’s do this thang 🤘🔥
    • Property & Stream Setup
    • Setting the Foundation of GA4 (Internal Traffic Filters, Cross-Domain Tracking, Data-Retention, etc)
    • The Skinny on GA4 Foundations!
    • Turning off Auto-Migration

    Creating and Passing Events

    • An Overview of Enhanced Measurement
    • What Events Should You Be Tracking?
    • How to Create Events in GA4 (Ex. Tracking Email Clicks)
    • How to Create GA4 Events Using Tag Manager (Ex. Newsletter Signup)
    • Modifying Events in Platform
    • Tools for Documentation

    Platform Overview – Primary Navigation

    • GA4 vs Universal Analytics (the where’s where)
    • An Overview of the New Navigation in GA4
    • Primary Navigation > Home (GA4’s Truck Stop)
    • Insights – Monitoring Site Stats with Machine Learning
    • Primary Navigation > Explore
    • Primary Navigation > Advertising (DON’T SKIP, ORGANIC PEEPS!)

    The Reports – Secondary Navigation (Post-Jun 2023 Setup)

    • Post May 2023 Secondary Navigation Explainer
    • The Reports – Secondary Navigation (Pre-Jun 2023 Setup)
    • Reports Library – Creating Your Secondary Navigation
    • Secondary Navigation > Report Snapshot (The Overview of all Overviews)
    • Secondary Navigation > Acquisition Reports
    • Secondary Navigation > Engagement Reports
    • Secondary Navigation > Monetization Reports
    • Secondary Navigation > Retention Reports
    • Secondary Navigation > User & Tech Reports
    • Reporting on Enhanced Measurement Dimensions (Search Terms, Links, Videos, Files, etc)
    • How to Interact with Reports

    Advanced Leverage of GA4

    • Getting Started with BigQuery
    • How to Use Looker Studio with BigQuery
    • Move Google Ads Report into Navigation
    • Using Audience Builder
    • Search Console Data in GA4


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