Chris Orzechowski – Double Your Deliverability

May 22, 2023 WSO Courses

    • How to tell if you actually have a deliverability problem or not.
    • The 9 factors that affect email deliverability
    • Our exact step-by-step audit process we use at my agency to help our clients dramatically improve their deliverability.
    • How to authenticate your domain so you can improve and maintain a good reputation with the most popular ISPs.
    • A deep dive into how to completely align your domain authentication (SPIF, DKIM and DMARC)
    • An in-depth breakdown of how your email content affects deliverability (including an exhaustive list of do’s and dont’s).
    • Copywriting strategies that improve deliverability, list health, and list hygiene.
    • 7 automations you can set up that’ll automatically improve deliverability… without you having to lift a finger.
    • A simple process you can use to periodically trim the “dead weight” off your email list.
    • A list-cleaning case study demonstration
    • A simple “authentication-fix” case study
    • Two full deliverability audit breakdowns from real live brands



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