Digital Marketing Course: The Complete Package For Marketers

May 23, 2023 WSO Courses

  • What you’ll learn
    Introduction to Digital Marketing, what is Digital Marketing, Marketing research..
    The Objective of learning, The digital marketing Revolution, Digital Marketing History
    Digital Marketing Job Opportunities, Who Should Learn Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Experts are likely to Get Paid More
    Digital Marketing Expert – Trending Jobs, Foundation of Digital Marketing Course, Activity
    Important Terms for Digital Marketing, Important Concepts for Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    PPC (Pay-per-click), CPC (Cost-per-click), CTR (Click-through rate)
    SERP (Search Engine Results Page), Keywords, Ad Rank, Landing Page
    Conversion Rate, A/B Testing, Impressions, Clicks Impressions Share, Quality Score
    Ad Copy, Ad Extensions, Retargeting, Remarketing, Display Advertising
    CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), CPA (Cost per acquisition), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CMS (Content Management System)
    Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, How to Define Business Digitally
    Unique Selling through Digital Marketing Course, How to Validate Your Business Idea


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