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May 10, 2023 WSO Courses

  • I had Never Been More WRONG In My Life

    During this time I happened to get introduced to one of the most amazing industries that just happens to be at the peak of ripeness. What am I talking about about? 2 words…
    More specifically, “Online Courses”. (Now a $107 Billion industry and growing!)
    You see, I hate risk. (Especially after failing so many times)
    My goal for the past decade has been to figure out how to create a business that didn’t rely on me having to do something I hated.
    For me to dive headlong into another business, it needed to be fail-proof. I didn’t have much ego left to damage.
    It needed to NOT rely on me exchanging time for money like getting a 2nd job or delivering pizzas.
    It needed to be rejection proof.
    Then, 8 years ago…I did it. And now I want to show you exactly how you can do the same thing.
    But first.. I want to tell you a story.
    A few years back, I started reading blogs like and Pat Flynn’s and I was excited about the thought of blogging, self-publishing, eBooks etc., and all the other opportunities I saw to help people and start making a side income at the same time.
    And then I did what few people do. I actually started 2 blogs and wrote an ebook. That’s right. I took action. Without knowing what I was doing or where I was going. But I knew to win I had to be in the game.
    So I spent months writing this instructional e-book. I thought I would self-publish it – everyone would buy it – love it – and tell their friends to buy it.
    MODULE #1

    We’ll start at the beginning and lay the foundation for building an exceptional course that people are excited to go through. I’ll share with you my secret formula for coming up with course ideas that won’t leave you spending months creating something that no one buys.
    Also included in Module #1:

    • 3 “must have” elements every successful course contains—and they have nothing to do with the training itself.
    • ​Why your excitement level is critical—and how to quickly determine exactly what “sets you on fire” and will help build momentum.
    • 4 ways to quickly identify exactly what your ideal student needs right now—get this right, and your course will sell itself.
    • ​Why your course must align with your business brand—and how to test any potential course ideas before investing time in it.
    • ​The one goal all course instructors must keep in mind—miss this and you’ll be wasting valuable time, money and energy for very little benefit.
    • My top strategy for fast (and accurate) market research—just one hour of your time can bring in dozens of ideas.
    • ​How to know if people are willing to pay for specific training—because the last thing you want to do is create a course you cannot sell!
    • ​10 popular course types with real life examples, so you can see where your idea might fit.
    • ​9 different ways to structure your course—and how to choose the right one for your business and your audience.

    MODULE #2

    Once you know what you’re going to offer, it’s time to talk pricing. And let’s face it, this is where a lot of new (and even established) creators get stuck. After all, if you price yourself too high, you run the risk of losing sales. Too low, and your potential audience might wonder if your course has any value at all.
    Also included in Module #2:

    • The number one question you must answer positively—because a “no” here will send you right back to the drawing board.
    • The 2-step process that virtually guarantees the best price for your course—This one strategy will greatly reduce your stress levels over pricing!
    • What to do if you’re facing a true “money block” over pricing—and how to identify the issue quickly so you can move past it
    • How to help financially strapped prospects—not everyone will be able to afford your course, but you can still help them if you adopt one of these 3 strategies.
    • Why overloading bonuses is not a good tactic—and how it can actually reduce the value of your new course.
    • One course element that will turn buyers into raving fans—and two easy ways to incorporate it into everything you do.
    • How to engage your students—and help ensure sales of future courses at the same time

    MODULE #3

    If you’re like a lot of super creative, heart-centered teachers, module 3 is where the magic will happen. By this time you’ve probably already outlined your course—maybe several times. You already know what you’ll charge for it and who will buy it and why they need it.
    What you don’t know (yet) – is how you will deliver it. In module 3 I’ll walk you through the techy bits and relieve that feeling of overwhelm so you can finally release your new course to the world.



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