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August 5, 2023 WSO Courses

  • The Ultimate Email Copywriting Class

    In your first course, you’ll discover everything we do inside our Agency when it comes to writing emails, including…

    • Our exactemail copywriting process at the Copy Squad Agency
    • ​How we crank out a week’s worth of emails in one day
    • ​Formulas designed to get the click and ensure you deliver A+ quality work
    • ​Templates to model (that work) so your clients keep asking you for more
    • ​Plus how to make your OWN templates so you never run out of things to write

    We’ll go over…

    • The most important thing about an email when it lands in their inbox
      (Hint: it’s NOT your subject line)…
    • ​The #1 fatal mistake email copywriters make which ensures they NEVER succeed…
    • ​Why the most intriguing email in the world could still lead to ZERO sales
      (and how to fix it)…
    • ​The WRONG way to be ultra-specific (and why that hurts SALES)…
    • ​​LIVE breakdowns of REAL emails from Biz Opp, Spirituality, and Finance that you can model for ANY niche…
    • ​And word-for-word scripts to send to potential clients that get you noticed

    Finally, you’ll get the answer to your burning questions like…

    • ​”How much should you charge to write emails?”
    • ​”What type of businesses pay the most for email?”
    • ​”Would this work in traditional B2C Ecom?” (Hint: YES)
    • ​”What does a $5K email “package” look like? What are the deliverables?”
    • ​And even more!

    The class is hosted by my (now) staff copywriter, Cody Meindl. Not too long ago, Cody was a construction worker making basically minimum wage and struggling to get by…


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