Masculinity Rediscovered – Seduction Bible Freedom 2023

July 23, 2023 WSO Courses

  • Week 1: Transforming your Self Image & Becoming a High-Value Man.
    This is the FOUNDATIONAL Week.
    Until you change who you see yourself as, none of the HACKS you learn will work.
    Because they’re still coming from a place of self-pity, low value mindsets, and mediocre habits.
    Which is why, I will COMPLETELY change your identity:
    Self Image Transformation ($500 Value)

    Fascinating Questions to Destroy your Inner B*tch ($621 Value)

    Habit Tracker ($300 Value)

    Terrific Thought Loops ($483 Value)

    Recommended Reading [Censored]

    Week 2: Building your Social Circle of Badass Men & Beautiful Women
    This is BY FAR, My favourite section.
    We’re at a point in human history now, that people like to be around people they know, like and trust.
    Social Circle is the present, and will be the future.
    Because social circle COMPOUNDS.
    Because through a Social Circle, you meet the BEST QUALITY GIRLS, Network with the HIGHEST-VALUE MEN, and create the MOST INCREDIBLE MEMORIES.
    Getting laid is easy. Having your life in order is what separates experts from amateurs.
    Introvert to Extrovert in 6 Steps ($712 Value)

    Social Circle & Life Audit ($800 Value)

    The Social Circle Bible ($1196 Value)

    The Friendzone Destruction Bible ($892 Value)

    Masculine Frame Control & Conversational Dominance ($897 Value)

    Metaphor Mastery ($373 Value)

    The Social Anxiety Destroyer (Weekly Planner) ($493 Value)

    Recommended Watch [Censored]

    Week 3: Getting Laid Effortlessly, Consistently, and Building Healthy Relationships with Quality Women
    This is what you’ve been waiting for, haven’t you.
    The System to Get Laid FAST.
    Now that you have changed your self image, become higher value, and internalised the CORRECT beliefs about women, You are READY.
    Well, Here it is!
    The Cold Approach Bible ($1200 Value)

    Rejection Proof Signals of Female Attraction ($650 Value)

    Smooth Operator: Dates ($600 Value)

    Recommended Watch

    Week 4- Word-for-Word Hacks & Borderline Illegal Techniques to Sleep with 9s & 10s
    This is THE MOST POWERFUL Section inside the Seduction Bible.
    But I needed to make you wait 3 weeks before going through it.

    The reason?
    You have DEVELOPED the CONTEXT of being a high-value man.
    Everything you say now is not “fake”, it’s WHO YOU ARE.
    And when you use these words from those angles,


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