Mastering Affiliate And Digital Marketing: Strategies

May 26, 2023 WSO Courses

  • What you’ll learn
    Free and Paid Traffic Methods for Affiliate and Digital Marketing
    Importance of Influencers in Marketing
    Bonus Strategies for Product Promotions and Email Marketing Introduction
    How to Create a Sales Page and Build it with MailerLite (Step-by-Step)
    Setting up Email Campaigns with MailerLite (Step-by-Step)
    Determining the Price of Your Product and Understanding Affiliate Marketing and Networks
    Introduction to DigiStore24 and Vendor Point of View
    Adding Products to DigiStore24 and Setting up Sales Process and Return Policy (Step-by-Step)
    Creating Marketplace Entries and Setting up Payout Accounts with DigiStore24
    Google Search Ads Campaign and Keyword Match Types
    Creating a Google Search Ads Campaign from Scratch (Step-by-Step)
    Advertising, Sales, E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing Strategies
    Starting and Promoting YouTube Live Streams with Tips for Success
    Best Free Software Encoder for YouTube Live Stream and Examples of Types of YouTube Live Stream
    Utilizing YouTube Live for Marketing and Increasing Engagement
    Free Email Marketing Tools for Affiliates and Digital Marketers



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