MentFX Forex Course 2023

August 17, 2023 WSO Courses

  • You’ve likely encountered the chilling statement that “95% of retail Forex traders lose their money.” However, the real picture, drawn from our extensive analysis of data from 20 top CFD providers, shows a slightly less bleak scenario – 78%.

    But if even this revised figure frightens you, then this arena might not be your game. To be part of the 22% success story, commitment is key. The path to success isn’t as steep as many think, but too few choose to take it.

    Even then, a 78% failure rate is still intimidating. Hypothetically, if we inflate it back up to 95%, making the successful minority a scarce 5%, wouldn’t you want to equip yourself with the right strategies and tools to join them? The caveat here is that many don’t.


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