Mike Hayden – Autosheets.AI – AI (ChatGPT) Fiction Story Book Writer

August 14, 2023 WSO Courses

  • AI (ChatGPT) Fiction Story Book Writer
    Write entire fiction books from a single command.
    The book can then be exported and saved in different formats

    • You can read it, share it, publish it on Amazon,
    • write the fan fiction you always wanted
    • make as many books as you want
    • use it for your own first drafts,
    • or to help you develop your own ideas

    You can pause at any point and add in your own ideas to make it your own.
    You can choose how many chapters you want, up to 20, it’s averages 3,000 words per chapter.
    The tool runs through a google sheet so once you have downloaded it then it is your forever.


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