Mike Hayden – Premium – Bulk GPT 3,000 Word Blog Writer + Long Format GPT Rewriting Tool – Rewrite, Translate, Summarise

July 9, 2023 WSO Courses

  • Premium – Bulk GPT 3,000 Word Blog Writer

    What This Tool Can Do:

    Put your keywords in column B and it will generate unique high quality 3,000 word articles (“guides”) for each keyword, from a single click.
    Produce 10+ 3,000 word posts at a time.
    All the articles can be sent straight to your site in one click, including the generated images. (using the free Postie wordpress plugin)
    For each post:

    • Writes 3,000 word blog posts
      • Wraps each in html tags so it is website ready
      • Uses a mix of tags to make the content look better and more natural – H2, H3, P, B, UL / LI
      • Drafts 2 pictures for each post – uses the first by default
      • 5 choices of headlines (page title), 5 url-slugs and 5 meta descriptions
      • Writes a 10 point FAQ, and valid FAQ Schema to help get Google snippets
      • Has 2 different export options to get it on to your site quicker
    • It produces a very natural looking keyword density
    • 98% unique on plagiarism checkers
    • Easy to use
      • see tool tips by hovering over cells
      • You can see and tweak prompts to tailor your results
      • Drop down to choose which title, url-slug, and meta description
      • Select skip on row 2 for parts you don’t want to generate
      • Multiple prompts to choose from for the style of the page title in column K
      • All the generated images are backed up on to your Google Drive automatically
      • Red squares provides status updates
      • If openAI return an error it will try again every 3 seconds
    • Restarts every 5 minutes to get past maximum execution time

    Long Format GPT Rewriting Tool – Rewrite, Translate, Summarise

    This tool will let you paste in a large amount of text, and send it to GPT along with any prompt you like.
    It is useful for:

    • rewriting text (e.g. ask GPT to tailor it to a new audience, or to update or improve an old piece of writing, or rewrite it in unique words)
    • Translating, ask GPT to translate it to your chosen language
    • Summarising in to key points
    • and any other prompt you can think of like “turn this content in to an educational quiz”, “recommend improvements to this content”…


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