Asli Cricket (2022) 1080p

Chintu (28) lives in a village in Gujarat as a construction worker. His owner earns insufficient income to support him. Chintu and his family fast a lot when they have no money left. Chintu has a blind adopted son, Kush. Vivek Joshi, the captain of the Indian cricket team, attends the opening ceremony of the tournament in the same village. Vivek Joshi asked the invitees to keep his presence as private as possible to protect his reputation. A villager learns that Vivek Joshi has come to the Puja Ceremony as Vivek Joshi attends it - the villager immediately informs players who are playing cricket very close to the Puja Ceremony. Villagers throng to Vivek Joshi to have their pictures taken. Vivek Joshi slaps Chintu to maintain social distance in this process. Vivek Joshi connects back with Chintu in the TV interview. When Vivek Joshi asks Chintu to name his wish, Chintu requests that he bowl one over if given the chance. The team India and the rest of India will play one game against each other in the finals. The plot centers around Vivek Joshi's team up with Chintu in the end.

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