Let's Get You Warmed Up (2022) HD

Category: Lesbian, Erotic Vignette, Massage, Hairy, Small Tits, Tattoos,
Starring: Alex Coal, Sheena Ryder, Sera Ryder, Indica Monroe, Serena Blair, Ailee Anne

Lets Get You Warmed Up
Step-sisters Alex Coal and Serena Blair relive a childhood memory when they decide to share their bath together, so they won't be late for their restaurant reservation. A masseuse (Sheena Ryder) is wondering why her next massage client is late. When the client (Ailee Anne) finally arrives, she is soaking wet and miserable. Ailee apologizes for being late, explaining that she got caught in the rain. Sheena is immediately sympathetic and concerned, offering additional treatments to the standard massage to help Ailee warm up. Ailee .amin. graciously accepts, stripping out of her wet clothes. Indica Monroe and her straight best friend, Sera Ryder, are watching a movie together. As they cuddle up and enjoy some snacks, Indica keeps jumping because of the jump scares in the movie. Seeing Indica so uncomfortable, Sera casually offers to give her a massage. Indica takes her chance, bringing Sera's hands to her breasts. Sera decides to give it all a try with Indica, if she's up for it... which she is! 

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