Maid For Each Other Swap Service (2022)

Alison Rey is reading outside when her parent, Marie McCray, approaches. Marie lets Alison know that their housecleaner, Nina Elle, is here for the day. Marie remarks that Alison should stay out of Nina's way so that she can work in peace. Marie comes inside to greet the maid. Nina has some awkward news though: her teen, Lily Larimar, has been sent home from school due to dressing inappropriately. Nina asks if Lily can stay at Marie's home for the day as she works. Marie is more than understanding. As Lily walks down the hall, she notices a door that's ajar. She peeks into the room and sees Marie on the bed masturbating! Lily gets caught in the act but instead of being upset, Marie invites Lily into the room. It seems like Marie may want a little help finishing herself off! Later, Alison Rey stops by to chat with Nina Elle. Although Nina's a bit concerned about her OWN problems with being Lily's parent, her nurturing instincts take over as Alison complains about her relationship with Marie. The more they talk, the more an unexpected attraction starts to grow. Feeling bold, Alison finally pecks Nina on the lips after admitting how much she admires Nina. As they comfort each other more and get closer, Nina's unable to deny her desires any longer... If Alison needs some cheering up, then she's happy to deliver since SHE could use it, too!
Bunny Colby is lounging at home when her friend and cycling partner, Skylar Snow, drops by. Skylar has a fun idea on how to take the edge off before biking...

Category: Lesbian, Maid, Erotic Vignette, Gonzo, Oral, Rimming, Tribbing
Starring: Lily Larimar, Skylar Snow, Nina Elle, Bunny Colby, Alison Rey, Marie McCray
Language: English
Size: 2.46 GB
Length: 01:52:50
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720 

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